Become a Member of C-UAS

10 Reasons to Join:

1. Leverage $44K in research money to gain access to over $2.3 million in pooled research funds and university facilities. 

2. Maximize your limited research funds with our highly-skilled PhD/MS student workforce.

3. Direct the selection and execution of research. 

4. Minimize risk by using the center as a test-bed to evaluate research directions.

5. Gain access to world-class UAS researchers.

6. Expand your company’s research portfolio and capabilities with access to all center projects, research, and intellectual property.

7. Gain familiarity with graduates who are well trained in multi-disciplinary aspects of UAS.

8. Collaborate and network with government, industry, and academia personnel.

9. Quickly and easily shift resources and priorities to meet market changes.

10. Enjoy first access to research papers and presentations.

How can your industry join?

All private and government industry agencies can join C-UAS.

CONTACT US to determine how C-UAS can best fit with your company's needs.

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