What is an I/UCRC?

Industry/University Cooperative Research Center model:

  • Center is consortium of organizations with common research interests
  • Funding from members is highly leveraged
  • Shared research portfolio of pre-competitive technologies
  • Collective ownership, collective decision making
  • Research driven by ideas of industry advisory board (IAB)

C-UAS is part of the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Industry/Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) program. We are one of over 70 I/UCRCs designed to link the research and development needs of industry with university research capabilities

Purposes of I/UCRC program:

• Provide industry with means to leverage research and development
• Provide universities the opportunity to conduct relevant research in emerging fields
• Allow industry members to select and advise projects
• Facilitate collective decision making with pooled industry funding
• Share research portfolio of pre-competitive technologies
• Maximize research money with minimal overhead on membership fees (<10%)
• Evaluate progress and relevance with NSF representative

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For additional NSF Center information visit: https://iucrc.nsf.gov/

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